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Sports Nutrition

AIS Sports Nutrition delivers world-class nutrition support to Australian athletes. Nutrition support is tailored to the characteristics of the sport and needs of individual athletes. It may include:

  • Individual Clinical or Performance Support

    Individual assessment of nutrition needs, performance goals, eating style and capacity to eat well within living circumstances. Issues that require individualised attention include nutrient deficiencies (e.g. iron deficiency), body composition management, failure to recover well from training sessions, and specialised competition eating plans.

  • Education

    Individual or group session to develop the knowledge and skills to eat well in all circumstances.

  • Assessment and Monitoring

    Body composition measurements including skinfolds and DXA, Resting Metabolic Rate, Energy Expenditure, Energy Availability

  • Food Service

    Creating environments where athletes can easily make smart food choices. This includes the AIS Dining Hall, providing food at training venues, and organising catering for travelling teams.

  • Research

    Actively researching nutritional strategies to enhance performance, or the special nutritional requirements and concerns of athletes. Many of our projects are undertaken in partnership with other disciplines and research organisations such as the Australian Catholic University.

  • Professional leadership

    Keeping up-to-date with the latest in sports nutrition and sharing our knowledge and practice with the sports dietetic community.

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