Operational highlights

Operational Effectiveness Review

New travel system


The ASC finalised and implemented its response to the findings of the Operational Effectiveness Review which was completed in early 2014. The review assessed all parts of the ASC’s operations to realign its activities with the preceding strategic changes and identify efficiency savings and commercial opportunities.

During the year the ASC implemented a range of measures to achieve sustained internal savings and increased commercial revenue. Improved efficiencies have already been realised through measures such as a new travel system, improved procurement processes and streamlined administration and management oversight.

A key measure in response to the review was the introduction of a revised organisational structure. The new structure was implemented in September 2014 and resulted in a reduction in the ASC’s workforce of approximately 42 full time equivalent positions. Revised work practices have been implemented following the restructure to ensure the ASC delivers against its primary objectives and remains agile within a changing environment.


The ASC implemented a new travel system on 1 July 2014 designed to deliver improved travel management, cost savings, and operational efficiencies. The system involved three new elements: a new travel approval tool that enables requests to be approved via email; a single travel provider (QBT) engaged through the Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) travel management arrangement; and an online booking tool enabling staff to receive quotes and book domestic and international flights, accommodation and car hire via a ‘one stop shop’ travel booking portal.

With the introduction of a single travel management company, the ASC has gained greater insights into its travel programme through more extensive reporting capability and the introduction of significant administrative efficiencies. The ASC has embraced the system and online booking tool. During the last three months of 2014–15, more than 95 per cent of all domestic bookings were done through the tool, one of the best rates of all WoAG entities.

ASC Childcare Centre



In September 2014 the AIS Childcare Centre received an Excellent rating from the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). This rating is the highest a service can achieve under the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care. Only services that exceed the National Quality Standard can apply for the Excellent rating. In awarding the Excellent rating, the authority highlighted the centre’s culture of professional enquiry and critical reflection, their efforts to support families particularly through the Parenting Network Group, and their leadership in the field.

The AIS Childcare Centre also received a sustainability and environmental practices award at the ACT Education and Care Gala Awards in December 2014. The biennial awards celebrate the dedication and commitment to excellence of individuals, groups and organisations within the education and care sector. The sustainability and environmental practices award highlights the centre’s work in embedding sustainable practices, engaging families in these approaches, and helping educators learn more about sustainability.


The ASC released a new commercial strategy in May 2015 targeting key growth opportunities over the next 12–18 months. This strategy is aligned to four key measurable outcomes:

  • growth in sponsorship — by ensuring existing sponsors re-sign where contracts are up for renewal, and new sponsors are signed
  • driving increased revenue into the Australian Sports Foundation for the dAIS programme — by encouraging philanthropic donations to support Australian athletes leading into Rio and beyond
  • driving increased usage of the ASC facilities
  • exploring opportunities to develop unique events at the ASC.

This strategy will further enhance the ASC’s commercial viability, building on 2014–15 increases in AIS tours (resulting from being one of the only Canberra tourist destinations open for night tours), increased sports camps and events on site, and continuing to be a venue of choice for many national and international high performance teams.