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Let’s take the headache out of digitally connecting with sports and physical activity in Australia What is Sport Connect? Sport Connect is an Australian Sports Commission initiative to digitally connect Australians with their sport at all levels using a digital identity of their choice – from grassroots to professional athletes and everything in between. It is designed as an industry-wide platform for Australians, our sporting organisations and our sports technology suppliers and developers. When fully rolled out, Sport Connect will enable a seamless experience to Australians when digitally engaging with sport and make it easier for sport organisations (and their technology partners) to deliver that experience. Sport Connect is being rolled out gradually across the sector, initially working with a small group of sport organisations and their technology partners. Sport Connect ensures the privacy and security of individuals’ information though integration with the Australian Government Digital Identity System and compliance with the security standards and guidance as set out by the Australian Cyber Security Centre. To create a Sport Connect account or login to view your profile, visit the Sport Connect portal. Log in sign up Learning for a specific sport? Individuals Imagine having one secure simple login to all the sporting organisations you interact with. It doesn’t matter if for soccer you are a volunteer coach and a parent, for hockey you are an amateur participant and for swimming you’re a professional athlete – wherever you see the Sport Connect trust mark you can use one simple, secure and easy to remember login to access all the sports you’re involved with. Sporting Organisations How good will it be when your participants, athletes, volunteers, families, support staff and administrators whether local, regional, state or nationally can login to your organisation’s platforms with one simple, secure and easy to remember login that is common across all their interactions with your sport. Learn more about the benefits and see how easy it is to be part of the Sport Connect program and to get your participants and technology providers onboard. Technology Providers Australians love sport and we want easier and more secure access to our sporting related information online. Sport Connect provides a foundational suite of digital identity and integration services based on global technology standards that means you can offer your customers a better digital experience, and they can pass on that benefit to their users. It allows you to increase security and reduce the complexity of compliance for your customers by using global digital identity standards such as OpenID Connect, OAuth or SAML. Learn more about the benefits and see how easy it is to integrate to Sport Connect with your platform to get your participants and customers onboard.
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