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Sport Volunteer Coalition Action Plan

The Coalition

The Sport Volunteer Coalition has developed a four-year Action Plan, to enable more Australians to volunteer in sport and enhance the sport volunteering experience. The ASC leads the implementation of the Action Plan, with the Sport Volunteer Coalition members supporting the delivery across four strategic themes – Celebrate, Empower, Reimagine and Innovate.

Through this Action Plan, the ASC and Sport Volunteer Coalition will showcase the health and wellbeing benefits of volunteering in sport for individuals and communities. The ASC invites organisations from across the sport sector to read and digest the Action Plan, and reach out regarding opportunities to work together to continue to enhance the volunteer experience and encourage new volunteers to join their sport.

Putting people first is central to this new approach to sport volunteering – this vision has been central to the plan design and will remain a key focus over the next 4 years

The Sport Volunteer Coalition Action Plan was officially launched on Saturday 3 September 2022 by Minister for Sport, The Hon Anika Wells and ASC CEO, Kieren Perkins OAM.

The Plan

Since coming together in early 2022, the Sport Volunteer Coalition have been working hard to understand how to ensure Australia’s 2.9 million sport volunteers receive the recognition they deserve and raise awareness of the role they play.

download the Future of sport volunteering insights report
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Year One Report 2022-23

The Australian Sports Commission and the Sport Volunteer Coalition are pleased to present the inaugural Sport Volunteer Coalition Year One Report 2022-23. The first year of implementation focused on mobilising and empowering the sector. We look forward to continuing to reimagine the future of volunteering in sport, with a renewed focus on putting volunteers at the heart of all that we do working in collaboration with our sector partners.

download the Year One report
Download the report

Official Supporters

The Sport Volunteer Coalition Action Plan has broad support from the sport industry.

Organisations listed below are committed to taking actions from the Plan and driving change in their own communities, through their actions, policies and programs.



Professional Teams




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