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The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Restorative Program has been established to recognise and respond to former Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) scholarship athletes who experienced harm from inappropriate practices or abuse as a result of their time at the AIS.

The ASC is committed to providing meaningful acknowledgement, care and support to these athletes.

Insights and learnings from the ASC Restorative Program (the Program) will inform future practices both internally and within Australian sport

The Program will be managed within the ASC, but independently of the AIS.

The Program is confidential and any information you provide will be treated in accordance with the ASC Restorative Program Privacy Collection notice.

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Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have:


The program is available to AIS scholarship athletes from 1981 to 2013 who experienced harm from inappropriate practices or abuse as a result of their time at the AIS.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, we encourage you to contact us for a confidential discussion about the application process.

Program overview

The Program provides you the opportunity to seek restoration relating to past practices or abuse from your time as an AIS scholarship athlete.

Participating in the Program does not prevent you from pursuing legal action at any time.

The Program consists of three core elements:

  1. access to counselling and wellbeing services via the Mental Health Referral Network, and/or
  2. participation in restorative engagement, such as a meeting with a senior ASC representative, and/or
  3. a one-off financial payment (for applicants eligible for a payment).

You will be assigned a dedicated case coordinator who will stay connected with you throughout the process.

You can choose how and when to engage with the Program elements.

If you aren’t sure about applying now, please contact us so you have time to prepare if you choose to apply at a later date.

We understand that accessing the Program may bring up difficult memories and emotions and that recalling what happened can be challenging. Support is available to you.

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