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Participation strategy takes important step forward

Work on Australia’s first National Sport Participation Strategy has taken a significant step forward as it moves into the next phase of development.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is working with sector stakeholders to facilitate the development of the codesigned strategy, which aims to transform the way participation is connected, delivered and supported in Australia.

The next phase which started this week, will see experts from across the sector focus on specific content areas raised following months of consultation. This included workshops held in every state and territory to consult with key stakeholders on ideas, opportunities and barriers to participating in sport, and an online survey which received nearly 6,500 responses.

Image of girls celebrating on a sporting field
The National Sport Participation Strategy aims to reimagine how participation is delivered in Australia.

Six specific themes (pillars) have been identified as critical to Australia’s success in engaging more participants in sport:

Access - ensuring everyone can access sporting opportunities  
Create spaces - creating and improving spaces so that they are fit for purpose for active communities  
Elevate - creating a capable and engaged workforce  
Experience - embracing new participations and creating a lifelong involvement in sport  
Connect - improving ways for working within and across organisations who support, fund and provide sporting experiences  
Transform - transforming the culture within and around sport to ensure positivity and inclusivity

An important component in the pillar development and interconnected co-design will be the integration of the identified strategic ‘enablers’ of diversity, equity and inclusion, data, measurement and evaluation, advocacy and promotion, and digital and technology. These enablers will be embedded across all 6 of the pillar discussions.

Pillar Working Groups have been set up and will meet weekly for three weeks to provide feedback and ideas to assist in the development of the strategy by identifying clear objectives, purpose, and scope, key actions and measurable outcomes to address the identified priorities.

The Pillar Working Groups are made up of an ASC representative, Project Steering Group (PSG) members and experts from national sporting organisations, national sporting organisations for people with disability, professional sporting clubs, state sporting organisations, state and territory governments, regional competition deliverers, community and advocacy organisations and local government.

Working Groups will then report back to the PSG who will ensure the work aligns with the overarching strategy and will contribute to its successful implementation. Further community consultation and co-design sessions will occur during August and September to test, refine and iterate the national strategy ahead of its launch later this year.

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