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The Australian Sports Commission is leading a transformation to a modern approach to officiating. Developed in collaboration with the sport sector, the new approach focuses on the participant, their individual needs, aspirations and motivations. The approach focuses on providing support and development for officials through education and training. We want to empower officials to create positive sporting environments where participants, coaches, volunteers and communities can thrive. Officiating Courses Free online courses for officials. Learn more What is the modern officiating approach? The modern approach to officiating focuses on the participant, their individual needs, aspirations and motivations. It will educate and empower officials to create positive sporting environments where participants, officials, coaches, volunteers and communities can thrive. With a modern approach, the officiating experience will be optimised so that more people become engaged in officiating roles and are supported to grow and develop their skills and knowledge in order to facilitate quality competition environments for all participants. The new approach will attract a diverse workforce to officiating that is representative of our diverse Australian culture. It’s about creating environments that are safe, fun and inclusive where everyone feels welcome and is supported to achieve their goals. Evolution to modern officiating
Historic approach Modern approach
Official centred Participant centred
Compliance Developing competencies to deliver an optimal experience for participants
One size fits all Adaptable officiating to meet the needs of participants
Officials are competition administrators Officials have a more holistic, multifaceted role and they are attuned to the requirements of the participants and the sporting environment.
Formal learning only Bespoke learning opporunities
Officiating resources developed and provided in isolation Coach and official development resources are aligned
Decrease in retention and recruitment of officials Increases retention and recruitment of officials
Support for sport The Australian Sports Commission will provide blended learning opportunities to support the new approach to officiating. The benefits The new approach will deliver a range of benefits for the whole sporting sector, from sporting organisations and clubs, to officials, coaches and most importantly, the participants themselves. Benefits for sports and clubs Improve culture, integrity and diversity. Reduce risk. Increase recruitment and retention. Attract and retain new participants and fans. Improve confidence and competence of officials leading to safe, inclusive competition environments. Empower and support officials to contribute to individual club and community goals. Benefits for officials Facilitate environments that enable participants and athletes to achieve their own version of success. Feel motivated to officiate and inspire others. Extend your existing knowledge through learning and engagement opportunities. Access personal and professional development to positively impact your officiating skills and other aspects of life. Learn how to manage challenges in modern sporting environments. Benefits for participants Play sport on their terms. Improve their fundamental motor and physical literacy skills. Inspire them to participate in sport for life. Enjoy safe, positive and inclusive environments. Experience a sense of belonging. Related resources Modern officiating approach fact sheet
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