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Community Officiating Essential Skills Course The Community Officiating Essential Skills course helps officials facilitate safe, inclusive and enjoyable competition environments for all participants. Complete the 7 modules anytime, anywhere, on any device. We recommend you complete the modules in the order shown, but you can complete one or more, whenever you like. Officials will receive an award for completing each module and a certificate for completing the whole course. Who this course is for: All current and new sport officials. Course modules: 7 (~3 hours) Location: Online Cost: Free Sign up Learning for a specific sport? What you’ll learn This course will help you take a modern approach to officiating, focusing on participants, their needs and motivations. Module 1: Who you officiate Understanding the modern participant Become aware of the varied motivations of participants and the role you play in this being fulfilled. Learn that sporting environments often require flexibility and modifications to be inclusive and maintain integrity, safety and fairness. Gain a better understanding of your responsibilities for the safeguarding of children. Module 2: How you improve Understanding yourself, reflecting and continuously improving Gain knowledge of continual learning methods and what can influence your ability to learn. Learn how to reflect yourself and understand the impact this can have on your development as an official. Learn about the importance of maintaining your wellbeing and strategies to assist with this. Module 3: What you officiate Fundamentals to officiate well Gain an understanding of the different types of officials and their roles. Learn how to apply and adapt the rules of your sport based on the characteristics and needs of your participants. Recognise the additional roles that officials play. Module 4: How you officiate Preparing to officiate and decision-making considerations Become aware of what is involved in preparing to officiate. Gain knowledge of the decision-making process and strategies to make timely, accurate and consistent decisions. Learn about managing time effectively. Module 5: Where you officiate Optimising the environment Learn how to facilitate and enable an inclusive environment. Recognise risks and identify strategies to limit, mitigate and manage them. Identify methods for adapting and responding to unexpected situations. Module 6: How you connect Effective communication Identify different methods of communication to service individual participant requirements. Understand how the context and environment can impact how you communicate. Recognise how effective communication can boost engagement and inclusivity. Module 7: How you engage Interacting and engaging with others Recognise appropriate ways to interact and engage with people who support officials. Identify situations you may need to manage or resolve. More information The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has partnered with Sport Integrity Australia to incorporate important integrity content throughout the course. This content educates officials on how to protect themselves and their participants, by helping officials understand how to act, speak and behave in line with current community expectations. For sport-specific training and support for officials, please contact your national sporting organisation. The Community Officiating Essential Skills Course has replaced the General Principles Course. For more information about embedding the modern officiating approach in your sporting organisation, contact the ASC Coaching & Officiating Team at
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