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Our vision


Volunteering is an incredibly positive, enjoyable and rewarding way to be involved in sport.

Sport volunteering is for everyone and is linked to a wide range of health, social and community benefits. Sport provides opportunities to volunteer for something that suits your individual needs, interests, and availability across a breadth of roles and tasks.

With an estimated 2.9 million Australians volunteering in sport annually, volunteers are the heart of our sport sector and are respected and recognised as a critical role in the delivery of sport in Australia.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is committed to supporting the sector to enable more people to volunteer in sport and to enhance the sport volunteering experience through a reimagined vision for the future of sport volunteering (The Vision).

The Vision

To deliver the Vision, the ASC is working in collaboration with partners from across sport and the broader community to better understand the challenges faced by, and opportunities available for, volunteers and organisations within the sport sector.

"People from all walks of life see and realise opportunities to contribute to individual, club and community goals in a way that suits them"

Key documents guiding the implementation of the Vision for the ASC and broader sector are:

The future of sport volunteering insights report

The Insights Report was used to assist the ASC in identifying the Vision. This report also provides guidance for organisations to develop their own volunteer plans.

download the Future of sport volunteering insights report
Download the report

Sport Volunteering National Plan

The National Plan outlines the role of the ASC in leading and activating the sport sector to deliver the Vision.

Sport Volunteering National Plan
Download the national plan

Sport Volunteer Action Plan

As part of the National Plan, the Sport Volunteer Coalition was formed to provide expert advice and guidance in the development of a four-year action plan.

The implementation and evaluation of deliverables outlined in the Plan will deliver the Vision.

download the Sport Volunteer Action Plan
Download the action plan

Further resources

Clearinghouse for Sport Knowledge topic - Volunteers in sport

A range of expert evaluated information resources covering good and promising practice to support evidence-based decision making.

AusPlay focus report - Volunteering in sport

This report provides an overview of volunteering in Australian sport. It examines how many volunteers we have, what their demographic profile is, which roles are most common, the sports that attract the most volunteers and where the opportunities lie to increase the number of Australians becoming involved in sport volunteering.

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