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Community Coaching - Essential Skills The Community Coaching – Essential Skills helps coaches create fun, safe and inclusive environments for participants. This award-winning course has been designed to support coaches to access and complete all 8 modules anytime, anywhere, on any device. Who this course is for: All current and new coaches involved in community sport. Course modules: 8 (~3 hours) Location: Online Cost: Free Sign up Learning for a specific sport? What you’ll learn The new approach will reshape the sporting experience and encourage more people to play, coach and enjoy sport Module 1: Safeguarding in sport Protecting children and adults Understand what safeguarding in sport is and the policies that underpin and protect participants at all levels of sport Recognise your role in safeguarding Know your rights as a coach to be safe and protected from discrimination, harassment, bullying and abuse. Module 2: Who you coach Engaging participants Identify your basic roles, responsibilities and professional boundaries as a community coach Be aware of your participants' different motivations for playing sport Recognise what helps you create a positive and engaging sports environment for everyone. Module 3: Where you coach Space, equipment and facilities Identify the space, equipment and facilities required to deliver your sessions Understand how to use them safely and appropriately Adapt your activities to meet any challenges that arise. Module 4: What you coach Session planning Identify the key characteristics and elements of safe and effective session planning Recognise how different coaching approaches can be used to develop fitness, technical and tactical skills Be aware of the impact that an effective plan can have on the enjoyment and improvement of individuals and the team or group. Module 5: How you connect Communication Be able to identify different types of communication that are commonly used in a community sport environment Gain an understanding about what effective communication is and how to deliver it Be aware of the impact effective communication has on creating safe, inclusive sporting environments. Module 6: How you engage Stakeholder management Identify key stakeholders within community sport and how they can assist you Recognise the value and importance of volunteers Understand how to engage with key stakeholders and involve them in your coaching plans. Module 7: How you deliver Group management Be aware of what effective group management involves within community sport and how to achieve it Gain an understanding of how to ensure your practice sessions and competitive events are inclusive for all participants Identify ways in which to encourage positive behaviour and role modelling. Module 8: How you improve Self-reflection and assessment Gain an understanding of what effective self-reflection is and how to use it Recognise why self-reflection is important for the development of your participant's sporting experience Be aware of the importance of self-reflection as a developing coach. Module Resources Access module resources. More information The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has partnered with Sport Integrity Australia to incorporate important safeguarding content in the course. The Safeguarding Sport module educates coaches on how to protect themselves and their participants, by helping coaches understand how to act, speak and behave in line with current community expectations. For sport-specific training and support for coaches, please contact your national sporting organisation. The Community Coaching – Essential Skills course has replaced the General Principles course. For more information about embedding the modern coaching approach in your sporting organisation, contact the ASC Coaching Team at Related resources Download the coaching plan template and create your own personalised coaching plan as you progress through the Essential Skills Course. PDF filetype Course module resources (PDF • 308 kb) PDF filetype Session plan - Example (PDF • 72 kb) Doc filetype Coaching plan - Template (DOC • 622 kb)
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