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Community Coaching Masterclasses The Community Coaching Masterclasses will help grow the capability and competence of Australia’s coaches. Who you coach Discover the importance of getting to know your participants in order to create an engaging and motivating environment. Where you coach Guidance for coaches on how to effectively use equipment, space and facilities to create safe and challenging environments for their participants. What you coach Discover the requirements of an effective session plan to create a plan that meets the needs and motivations of participants. How you connect Recognise the impact that communication has on the experience of participants and determine how best to connect to participants. How you engage and organise Recognise how to encourage and support individuals who help and assist the coach. How you deliver Identify ways to manage and lead an effective session. How you improve Become confident using reflection to continually improve and become a more effective coach. About the masterclasses Each Masterclass extends upon topics covered in the Community Coaching Essential Skills course and guides coaches on how to apply this knowledge in their own environment by following the ASC’s Coach Development Model. During each Masterclass you'll follow the journey of a coach as they experience the topic of focus. Put yourself in their situation as you complete the Masterclasses and consider: What you know What you do What others think What you think Each Masterclass comes with a separate workbook where coaches can apply the knowledge they learn and create plans for their future coaching.
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